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Insights About the Alberta Oil & Gas Market

The blogs below are examples of the data available at your finger tips as an Enerlead customer.

Linkedin New Well License Report Aug 22, 2016 – powered by Enerlead for Salesforce August 22, 2016 - Well license Report – What a difference a few months makes the image below show drilling activity in April 2016 vs Last 30 Days. Last week we had 95 new Spud Wells the 7 day average is 13.57 spuds per day if you compare to same period last year it was 17.71 new spuds per
Manitok Account Based Selling Oil & Gas Industry – Enerlead for Salesforce (video) August 1, 2016 - The following is an example of Account Based Selling for Surge Energy. Account based selling 7 rules are below and I apply these rules to selling to Surge Energy. #1. Know when not to do account based selling #2. Research target accounts #3. Identify target personas #4. Engage continuously #5. Monitor and measure activities #6.
Limkedin Update New Well License Report Aug 01, 2016 – powered by Enerlead for Salesforce August 1, 2016 - Well License Report – The new spud license between Apr & July continue to be down 50% from last year. The indicators that we need to focus on are related to signs of recovery these include; Sinopec Daylight Energy adds first new well license in 2016; Boulder, Hemisphere, Black Swan , CANAMAX drill first well



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