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Insights About the Alberta Oil & Gas Market

The blogs below are examples of the data available at your finger tips as an Enerlead customer.

Precision Drilling Avtivity July 2016 Precision Drilling Corporation Announces 2016 Second Quarter Financial Results – Enerlead for Salesforce July 21, 2016 - Precision Drilling second quarter of 2016, we recorded earnings before income taxes, finance charges, foreign exchange, and depreciation and amortization (adjusted EBITDA see “Additional GAAP Measures”) of $22 million, 75% lower than the second quarter of 2015. Our activity for the quarter, as measured by drilling rig utilization days, decreased 48% in Canada, 58% in
Dashboard2 Selling to Oil & Gas Producers – Rotating Equipment (Video) July 20, 2016 - Selling to Oil & Gas Producers – A sales stat that suggests that 7 people are involved in the decision making process at large companies. The following video shows an example of how a sales rep selling pumping equipment can use CRM, Oil & Gas Data, Linkedin and email to to target high value accounts,
Well License Report New Well License Report July 18, 2016 – powered by Enerlead for Salesforce July 18, 2016 - Well License Report – New well license last week was 90, up 30 from the previous week. We saw an addition of 12 new rigs last week (AB,BC I do not have SK rig #s). Last year between March & July we had 237 rigs working in AB/BC this year we have 121 rigs over



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