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Insights About the Alberta Oil & Gas Market

The blogs below are examples of the data available at your finger tips as an Enerlead customer.

Provost Comparable Provost Field Overview September 17, 2014 - Data powered by Enerlead for Apache Corp has initiated a process to sell its Provost assets. The property is currently producing approximately 9,551 boe/d (49% oil and liquids).   Provost oil field of east central Alberta (Townships 35-40; Ranges 1-12W4) is typical Upper Cretaceous gas field and one of the most important shallow Oil formations in
Activity by month RIG SPOTLIGHT: TRINIDAD RIG 57 September 16, 2014 - Data Powered by Enerlead for Rig 57 has been in operation since April 2012. Its Rig Manager, Kevin Dobson, explained that the relatively new rig was built for its current project – SAGD-well drilling south of Fort McMurray, Alta. (SAGD is an acronym for Steam Assisted Gravity Drainage).  Averages 6 wells a month with
Territory ST. ALBERT Oil & Gas Territory Overview September 15, 2014 - Blog data powered by Enerlead for Part 5 of the 8 part territory review is an overview of the Grande Prairie AER field Center. Why Territories? John Henry Patterson – The Father of Professional Selling & founder of NCR had this to say about sales territories: “When you have too much ground to cover,”


Map of Wells Drilled Last Week in Alberta

The map below are wells Spud in Alberta last week.  Enerlead provides advanced mapping that includes Geographic Searching, Routing and Optimization, Geo-Analytics and Mobile Intergration.


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