100% Commission Sales is Like Skiing

April 6th, 2010 by

By Pat Hinds

I love to ski; I have been skiing for over 30 years and my love for the sport has only increased over that time. I have been lucky enough to have a family pass at Fernie for the last 11 years; Fernie is a fabulous ski hill and a great place to take your family. Over the last 10-15 years skiing equipment has improved significantly, the boots are lighter and stiffer, the skis are fatter and the clothing fits and looks better.

At the same time, I know every run on a great ski hill; as a result I ski much faster now that I used to. Skiing fast creates mixed emotions; I love the exhilaration of going fast and 95% of the time my focus is on enjoying the experience of going fast. 5% of the time I self talk, reminding myself not to fall as if I do fall at this high rate of speed it will hurt!

I love to sell; I have been a sales person for 15 years plus. Over this time the sales process has changed significantly with the introduction of technology. The introduction of email, internet, cell phones and web 2.0 technology allows a motivated sales person to sell more products than ever before. Globalization and the pace of technology change has created an environment that a sales person has more products to sell and the value proposition can be based on price and/or value.

Starting POIM Consulting Group and becoming a business partner with SalesForce.com I have made the decision to base my salary on 100% commission sales. The feelings I get from commission sales are very similar to the feeling I get when I ski fast. 95% of the time I am focused on the sales 2.0 process, enjoying the rush that comes from being a sales person. 5% of the time I remind myself of the responsibility I have to pay my bills and raise my family; if I do not sell it has a negative impact on cash flow.

The feeling I get from skiing fast and commission selling is very similar; that is probably the reason that I love both skiing fast and commission selling. If you are a professional sales person and you feel confident in your sales skills my recommendation is to stop working as a base plus commission sales rep and transition to a commission only sales rep. It will change your outlook about your job from being worried about losing your base salary to enjoying the ride of reaping the fruits of your hard work as a commission sales rep.

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