Activity Breeds Success: Activity Tip

May 17th, 2010 by

By Pat Hinds

I have a client that sells window coverings and awnings; my initial project was to help build a market model and assign a sales territory in a geographic area targeting builders. I was also asked to help with automating the sales process for following up leads that came through the website, trade shows and call-in activity. One of the priorities I set was to keep the sales process and install as simple as possible, this company is very busy and they do not want to be stuck in front of a computer any longer than required.

Two sales objectives:

1. Follow-up on a prospect that was identified via a trade show, internet or call-in.
2. Reach out to the builder community in the geographic area establishing a point of presence when a home is first built.

After auditing the leads captured at several trade shows I found they had 56 open leads, 25 they had not been called and 31 they called but needed a follow-up call. As far as builders are concerned they had not proactively called any builders to discuss partnership opportunities. The number one objective was to follow-up on the trade show leads before the leads became too old; we wanted to track the progress of calling open leads within SFDC.

The two “activities” that SFDC measures are “activity history” and “open activities”. If we take a close look at open activities we see several fields that we can fill out, the field that I focused on is “subject”. The strategy I deployed with my customers is limiting the choices of the titles within the “subject” field to “call and follow-up”.

Call – the first contact attempt with the desired contact within the targeted account. The call can have many outcomes, but the goal of using call as a subject tag is to determine that all leads have been responded to and all builders have been contacted.

Follow-up – If you first do not succeed try again, my limit is three attempts.

Limiting the choices of what can be put into the subject line allows us to build effective reports that focuses on the importance of open activities. We use the description field to capture any detailed information within the activity. Using a simple model to track activities we are now able to improve productivity of the sales team by setting the goal to follow-up on open qualified leads.

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