Alberta Ethane Gathering System

October 16th, 2017 by

The Alberta Ethane Gathering System (“AEGS”) is the exclusive long-distance transporter of pure or “specification” ethane in Alberta and, as such, fully integrates Alberta’s world scale petrochemical industry with the province’s major natural gas liquids extraction facilities.

AEGS is comprised of several integrated pipeline legs that currently span the southern and central portions of Alberta, areas that funnel the flow of virtually all of Alberta’s natural gas production. The AEGS network is currently 1,330km in total length and has an approximate aggregate design capability of 330,000 barrels per day. Through this pipeline network, AEGS delivers substantively all of the specification ethane feedstock requirements for NOVA Chemicals’ petrochemical complex near Joffre, Alberta, as well as a majority of Dow Chemical’s specification ethane feedstock requirements at Fort Saskatchewan and Joffre, Alberta. AEGS is also connected to a large underground storage facility near Fort Saskatchewan, Alberta.

Our commercial operation of AEGS includes the management of long-term, ship or pay transportation agreements that provide for a minimum revenue stream and the recovery of all operating costs. New incremental ethane supplies continue to be made available for transport by AEGS. In future years, additional ethane receipts could be made available from oil sands off-gas projects, an Alberta-based ethane extraction facility on the Alliance pipeline, as well as from new and growing liquids rich supply basins in Alberta.



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