Applied Faith is Required to be Good at Sales & Marketing

July 17th, 2011 by

A couple of months ago I read an article in Forbes Magazine called, “The Web’s Big Upstart” where they interviewed Marc Benioff, chairman and CEO of In the article Marc makes the statement, “Do you want to be remembered as a marketing genius – or a pussy”. I could not help but think of this quote when I watched Napoleon Hill’s Principle of Success – Applied Faith on YouTube.

The concept behind “Applied Faith” is if you are to be successful you must clear your mind of all fears and have the mental attitude that you are going to be a success. To have applied faith you need:
 To know what you want.
 Give gratitude for what you achieve.
 Keep your mind open to hunches and act on them.
 When over taken by defeat accept it as a challenge.
 Have a burning desire for the things that you want to achieve.
 When doubt appears remember “what you believe is what you reap”.

Back to Marc Benioff’s quote about being a “genius or a pussy” – unless you have applied faith in what you are doing you would not man a statement like that. In a separate article with Forbes, Marc was asked “What is your golden rule of pitching new ideas?” His answer was, “Always pitch the bigger picture. was about “the end of software,” not customer relationship management software or software as a service.” I think this is another example of his applied faith, Marc truly has had faith that software is coming to an end and he is not going to waiver from this belief.

As marketing and sales professionals it is easy to doubt our abilities to achieve sales goals, but what we learn from Napoleon Hill’s Principle of Applied Faith is you cannot waiver in your belief that you will achieve your goals. That does not mean that we are going to achieve every goal immediately; if you have a setback, learn from it and use it to help kindle your Applied Faith.


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