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I watched a video presented by senior marketing person at SalesForce.com and it was very interesting; I forgot to bookmark the site, so you will just have to take my word and my interpretation of the content. The message in the video is the tactics used in business to consumer (B2C) marketing are converging into the business to business (B2B) marketing. The major driver for this convergence is the rapid growth of the media like the internet and social networking.

• Radio took 38 years to reach 50 million users
• TV took 13 year to reach 50 million users
• The Internet took 4 years to reach 50 million users
• The iPod took 3 years to reach 50 million users
• Facebook reached over 200 million users in 12 months
• iPod Applications reached 1Billion downloads in 9 months

The adoption timeline was to show that traditional tools like TV, radio and print were the only sources of media to reach masses of people; due to the cost of using these tools they only made sense if you were targeting the consumer market. In a matter of years, and in some cases months, we have applications like social networking that can reach millions of users subsequently driving down the cost of advertising. Given the position of the video; it now makes sense that B2B companies start to using tactics that were only used by the B2C marketers.

Social networking and mobility are very important to SalesForce, but the dollars they are reallocating from traditional advertising like print, radio and TV are being spent on video production and partnering with YouTube to help with the distribution. What SalesForce likes about video is they can create a clear and concise message that is aligned with the core values of the product and company. What they like about YouTube is the 2 billion views a day, international reach, it is easy to use and can be embedded in 3rd party websites. The additional benefits they are also realizing are improved search rankings, high customer conversation rates and detailed analytics.

I call on many small businesses and I think the concept of using the internet and tools like YouTube to drive sales is foreign. It is hard to grasp the concept that a small business can cost effectively get access to 50 million viewers and convert these viewers to leads then sales. The companies that do get this concept will grow market share and drive down the cost of new customer acquisition.

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