Customer Stories



BIG Interactive Corp

BIG Interactive specializes in producing marketing and communication services to the Energy Industry in Canada and the U.S. BIG works with energy and energy related companies to help them grow and develop their business. They do this by creating well-developed strategic plans and employing tactical marketing tools that fit their needs and objectives. Their focus on the energy industry enables BIG to have an in-depth and thorough understanding of the opportunities and challenges that exist in the business environment.


BIG Interactive is a company that is experiencing growth in the Calgary market, and even expansion in Alberta with a new office in Grande Prairie. With this growth came some growing pains in the form of communications issues and an ineffective database with which to run their sales and marketing processes. Lacking in a central database, BIG was unable to properly align their business from top to bottom.


In order to help BIG grow their company, a full business process review was needed to find out where BIG was doing things right, and where they were going wrong. An alignment of their business processes will help them run smoothly in their marketing and sales processes. In order to help BIG get the most out of their CRM, a central database was required so that they have an optimized, detailed and valuable database of accounts and contacts.

SalesCloud & CustomCloud

POIM used EnerStart and the SalesCloud to provide BIG Interactive with detailed and organized Contacts, Accounts, Oppourtunities and Leads from their existing data. This information was also integrated with SalesForce Mobile to provide BIG Interactive with an effective and consistent tool to manage their marketing and sales activities.


POIM was able to get BIG a database with all of their high value customers and prospects all in one place on the platform. BIG now uses their database to manage their high value accounts and marketing programs, as well as utilizing the CRM to capture information on oppourtunities and products for efficient quoting. BIG now has an effective tool that they use to keep an eye on the profitability of their closed won oppourtunities.