Customer Stories


BOE Energy Systems


BOE is the industry innovator in dewatering and well site fluid management systems.

Using a combination of advanced technology, physics and an experience-based understanding of operational requirements in the field, BOE provides companies with the innovative SmartSite system.


  • Manage customer calls and meeting activity using an Excel spread sheet; the worksheet was labor intensive and prone to mistakes.
  • Used Excel to quote customers; the quotes had no consistency and were prone to errors.
  • Did not capture customer order acceptance with a signature, this resulted in booked equipment orders canceled on short notice.


Purchased Enterprise, Docusign and POIM CRM QuickStart.

SalesCloud & CustomCloud

  • We built a master database to be used within the CRM that included Oil Producers, Engineering Companies, Consultants and Partners. We added industry description, revenue and employee counts to the majority of the account records to help with the market planning process, recording sales & marketing activity and reporting
  • Loaded all the BOE products into to be used in build : Opportunities and Quotes.
  • Using Apex we built a user simple user interface to collect well data, partner information and products and services required to provide a customer quote.

App Exchange Partners

  • Integrated DocuSign mail merge templates to build custom customer quotes.
  • Integrated digital signature capture into the custom quote


  • Simplified customer communications and activity reporting by building a master customer database and integrating into CRM.
  • Standardized product numbers, description and pricing reducing the risk of error at the time of customer quote.
  • Built a professional quote template that reduced errors and provided a professional looking quote.
  • Captured customer quote acceptance reducing rental cancellations.