Building Results Based Selling Attitude

September 17th, 2010 by

By Pat Hinds,

CSO Insights 2009 Compensation Management Survey states that, “Only 52.4% of sales reps at the companies surveyed are on track to make quota this year.” I have been involved in environments where the sales team did not meet the sales objective and other environments where the entire sales team over achieve the sales plan significantly. The question is what is the difference between these two environments?

Many variables contribute to the success of a sales team including products, marketing, economy, sales talent and the list goes on. The number one factor for sales teams hitting or missing quota is based on culture. Has a company created a culture that accepts not achieving sales quota or have they built a culture that does not accept missing targeted objectives.

Planting the seeds of a results based selling culture is not easy and it should not be confused with an environment of fear or high pressure. If you want your entire team achieve quota the environment has to be collaborative and the entire team needs to believe that the objective is obtainable if they have a plan and they work together.

When I am working with telesales teams to implement a result based sales environment it starts with building a project plan that outlines the goals, objective and a strategy of the project. We establish scope, success factors, assumptions, constraints and build defined milestones and document this information using tools that allow the team to collaborate on the project plan. We then build data collection features and reporting within the CRM tool that allows the team to measure results against the plan on a daily, weekly and monthly basis.

The result is we have an environment that provides the sales team with a clear and measurable goal that provides a mechanism for instant feedback. As a team we acknowledge that we are going to run into challenges in the pursuit of the project goal; the most important aspect is the team works together to find solutions to overcome the challenges allowing the team to meet the project goal.

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