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July 15th, 2010 by

By Pat Hinds,

I enjoy watching a show called the “THE FIRST 48®”, listed below is a summary of the show.

“For homicide detectives, the clock starts ticking the moment they are called. Their chance of solving a case is cut in half if they don’t get a lead in THE FIRST 48®. Each passing hour gives suspects more time to flee, witnesses more time to forget what they saw, and crucial evidence more time to be lost forever.

THE FIRST 48® follows detectives from around the country during these first critical hours as they race against time to find the suspect. Gritty and fast-paced, it takes viewers behind the scenes of real-life investigations with unprecedented access to crime scenes, autopsies, forensic processing, and interrogations.”

I have been speaking with a company called and they sent me a white paper called, “How Much Time Do You Have Before Web-Generated Leads Go Cold?”. The paper is an overview of a Lead Response Management survey by Professor James B. Oldroyd and one of the areas of focus is; RESPONSE TIME ANALYSIS BY 5 MINUTE INCREMENTS and the conclusion was:

• The odds of contacting a lead in 5 minutes versus 30 minutes drop by 100 times! In fact, from
just 5 minutes to 10 minutes the odds decrease by 5 times.

• The odds of qualifying a lead in 5 minutes versus 30 minutes drop 21 times. And from 5 minutes
to 10 minutes the dial to qualify odds decrease 4 times.

I have worked with many small companies that are spending lots of money on websites and search engine optimization, but they take 5+ hours to respond to a web generated request. When I watch the show “First 48” you can see the process they use to solve the crime; interview, gather evidence, bang on doors, check cell phone records and follow-up tips. This same concept needs to be applied to web lead follow-up, but instead of 48 hours the company has 10 minutes to respond.

When I tell companies they have 10 minutes to follow-up they think I am crazy, but if they are willing to implement processes with a 10 minute objective and deploy the tools like they are able to meet this objective. When the 10 minute rule is in place it is easy to measure the results.

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