Canadian Drilling Consultants

February 15th, 2017 by

Below is a list of consulting companies that offer services to junior and intermediate oil and gas companies offering services related to drilling and completions work, including construction and safety components of operations. They are listed by AER related projects.


Vanoco Consulting Ltd.
Tristar Resource Management Ltd.
Bissett Resource Consultants Ltd.
Hawkeye Engineering Inc.
The Barlon Engineering Group Ltd.
Cbw Resource Consultants
NL Fisher Supervision & Engineering Ltd.
Crest Consultants
Lorrnel Consultants
Magus Engineering Limited
Boreal Land Services Ltd.
Remedy Energy Services Inc.
Thetis Consulting Inc. TBD
West Rock Energy Consultants Ltd.
International Resource Management (Canada) Limited
Ramdar Resource Management Ltd.
NBC Technologies Inc.


Drilling Consultants

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