Using Creative Visualization to Prepare for a Sales Call

May 2nd, 2011 by

I was working with some sales people this week and we were discussing how to prepare for  a cold call. As I was reviewing all the tools available to rep for call preparation; websites, Linkedin, Facebook and Twitter the image of one of my favorite movies came to mind. The movie is the Downhill Racer, a 1969 film about ski racing, it stars Robert Redford and Gene Hackman. The move plot is Dave Chappelet is a self-centered, ambitious ski racer from Idaho Springs, Colorado with an outside chance of making the U.S. Olympic team. The movie follows Dave Chappelet as he races on the world cup circuit up to the Olympics were Chappelet delivers the race of his life at the Olympics.

In the movie some of my favorite parts are the scenes were Dave Chappelet prepares for the race by using Creative Visualization to imagine going down the course and winning the race. He closes his eyes and sees the course in his mind’s eye and uses his arm and hand to emulate every corner of ski race until he hits the finish line. Creative visualization is the technique of using one’s imagination to visualize specific behaviors or events occurring in one’s life. Advocates suggest creating a detailed schema of what one desires and then visualizing it over and over again with all of the senses (i.e., what do you see? what do you feel? what do you hear? what does it smell like?).

In the case of the movie Downhill Racer, Dave Chappelet new everything about the course before the race allowing him to visualize the course in his mind, he then put himself on the course and visualized each twist and turn all the way to the finish line. A sales person who embraces the use of sales 2.0 tools like websites and social networks they are able to gather enough information prior to a call to create a mental image of the perspective account. Creating this image allows the rep to use creative visualization to imagine the questions they want to ask the prospect to estblish customer need and anticipate how the prospect will answer the questions. Using Creative Visualization can help sales people prepare for a sales call and allow the rep to see the call progress to a successful close.

Thomas Alva Edison once said said: “Success is 10 percent inspiration and 90 percent perspiration.” In the sale 2.0 world “Success is 10% perspiration and 90% preparation”.


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