Customer Stories



EcoQuip Artificial Lifts

Ecoquip manufactures, rents and services the Ecoquip 9000 series hydraulic pump jacks. This patented technology is manufactured in Calgary, Alberta. The Ecoquip pump jack has serviced wells across Saskatchewan, Alberta and North Eastern British Columbia. This has proven to be valuable for all sorts of well testing applications, troublesome wells and all short and long term applications.


EcoQuip struggled with their out of date and ineffective system, Maximizer. This inconsistent system caused a major disconnect between important accounts and their corresponding sales activities & opportunities. Detached and messy data made it difficult for the sales team to organize their leads and contacts and threw the entire sales process out of alignment.


By implementing EnerStart, we were able to get EcoQuip out of the dark ages and into the cloud. By cleansing and optimizing their existing data from Maximizer, we were able to extract all of their important information and load it right into their new instance of We will be able to provide EcoQuip with alignment and consistency through a business process review. EcoQuip will be able to manage their sales process, gain new customers and nurture their existing accounts.

SalesCloud & CustomCloud

POIM used EnerStart and the SalesCloud to provide EcoQuip with detailed and organized Contacts, Accounts, Oppourtunities and Leads from their existing data. This information was also integrated with SalesForce Mobile to provide EcoQuip with an effective and consistent tool to manage their marketing and sales activities.


Using EnerStart, all relevant data was extracted, cleansed & optimized from Maximizer and imported into POIM was able to capture existing sales, marketing and operation processes and configure them into By also configuring the assets and case objects, Ecoquip is able to manage sold & rented equipment and service calls. By aligning leads, accounts, contacts and opportunities EcoQuip can now efficiently manage all sales activities. EcoQuip will be able to maintain their instance with comprehensive training and support provided by POIM.