Edmonton Top Companies

Edmonton Top Companies include oil & gas, drilling, oil sands, drilling rig, well servicing, oilfield construction and more operating in Alberta. Included are company names, mailing address, telephone and fax number, industries, revenue, number of employees, websites.

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1 Government Of The Province Of Alberta www.alberta.ca
2 Enbridge Inc. www.enbridge.com/
3 Alberta Teachers’ Retirement Fund Board www.atrf.com
4 EPCOR Utilities Inc. www.epcor.ca
5 ABC Benefits Corporation www.ab.bluecross.ca
6 Capital Power Corporation www.capitalpower.com
7 Edmonton, City of www.edmonton.ca
8 Stantec Inc. www.stantec.com
9 The Brick Ltd. www.thebrick.com
10 Worker’s Compensation Board Alberta www.wcb.ab.ca
11 PCL Construction Group Inc. www.pcl.com
12 The Brick Warehouse LP www1.thebrick.com
13 University Of Alberta, The www.ualberta.ca
14 Katz Group Canada Ltd. www.katzgroup.ca
15 Edmonton School District No. 7 www.epsb.ca
16 Stantec Consulting Ltd www.stantec.com
17 Lehigh Hanson Materials Limited www.inlandcanada.com/
18 Canadian Western Bank www.cwbank.com
19 Lilydale Inc www.lilydale.com/
20 Lockerbie & Hole Inc www.lockerbiehole.com
21 Katz Corporation www.katzgroup.ca
22 Liquor Stores N.A. Ltd www.liquorstoresgp.ca
23 Alberta Milk www.albertamilk.com
24 ATCO Electric Ltd www.atcoelectric.com
25 Capital Power Income L.P. www.capitalpowerincome.ca

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CRM Solutions for Service & Support

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