EnerLead Alberta Well & Spud License Report Jan 10 to Jan 16 2014

January 22nd, 2014 by

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  • 452 new well license significant increase over the same period last year.
  • 286 new drill to LD license AB
  • New license breakdown by substance; Bitumen 313, crude oil 60, gas 37
  • New license breakdown by location; Bonnyville 351, Red Deer 13, GP 25, Drayton Valley 26, Wainwright 16, St. Albert 9, Midnapore 4, Med Hat 9

Companies to Watch

  • Ravenwood Energy Corp 2 new crude wells 49-01W5
  • BONTERRA Energy Corp 2 new crude wells 48-06W5 & 50-12W5
  • Penn West Exploration 4 new crude wells 42-07W5
  • TALISMAN ENERGY INC 6 new gas wells 56-24W5
  • Goldenkey Oil Inc 1 new gas well 60-04W6
  • Bonavista Petroleum Ltd 3 new gas wells 33-06W5

In the News

  • #Surge Energy Seeking More Deals to Expand in #Williston Basin
  • #Encana hiring managers for #Clearwater IPO
  • #Connacher’s Great Divide #production for Q4 averaged 3% lower than the prior quarter
  • #Gear achieved record #production of approximately 4,600 boe/d
  • #Twin Butte Energy Ltd. Announces #Promotion of Bruce Hall to President

Facility News 

  • Encana Corporation application to construct and operate a #compressor 20-029-21W4M
  • Strategic Oil & Gas Ltd. Application to construct and operate a multiwell #pad 19-122-21W5M, 24-122-22W5M, 19-122-21W5M
  • Bellatrix Exploration Ltd. construct and operate a multiwell #pad 14-045-11W5M & a #compressor station 34-043-10W5M
  • Long Run Exploration Ltd. Application to construct and operate a multiwell #pad 18-076-20W5M
  • Sinopec Daylight Energy Ltd. Application to construct and operate a multiwell #pad 08-049-06W5M
  • Summerland Energy Inc. Application to construct and operate a multiwell #pad 14-071-11W6M


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