EnerLead Alberta Well & Spud License Report March 21 to March 27 2014

April 2nd, 2014 by

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Blog Overview – I am going to change the blog this week, the image below is the the well license overview and I will include the news.  For a change I will include what companies have open well license that were created the last 120 days.

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In the News


Open Well License Created Last 120 Days (Download Now)

Open Well License Created Last 120Companies to Watch

  • Baytex Energy – Can they keep the drilling pace with the acquisition?
  •  Shell Canada – Will the only drill Bitumen well for the remainder of the year?
  • Will Penn West ever drill 200+ wells?  I do not think it will happen in 2014.
  • Value Creation huge increase in drilling in 2014
  • Chevron Canada will drill a pad in 2014

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