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Use business intelligence to generate more sales.

We’ll take you through the steps to maximize the value of your CRM and industry license data to create more leads and close more deals.

Data Optimization

We will work with you to align your account and opportunity data within your instance of the SalesCloud with the oil & gas industry licenses to maximize the value of both sets of data for market planning and lead generation.

data optimization

Business Process Review

We’ll help profile your customers, identify your best prospects, provide insights into how they operate and make buying decisions. We will align this information with your company processes and products creating alignment between you and your customers.

business process

Design & Implement

We’ll build your sales force platform to enable and leverage the power of intelligent analytics to drive superior business results. We will turn their data assets, including customer information, into actionable insights to drive strategic and day-to-day business decisions.

design and implement

Reports & Dashboards

We leverage the SalesCloud report & dashboards feature to build easy-to-use analytics that can be used make critical decisions that drive business strategy and growth. Report & dashboards analytics will help you identify and seize market opportunities, outsmart their competitors, increase customer loyalty and drive more revenue.