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Real time data delivering real time results

EnerLead takes oil & gas industry license data and combines it with your sales data within SalesForce.com SalesCloud to help you gain a competitive advantage by using business intelligence and analytics to qualify leads and high value sales opportunities. Make your sales & marketing efforts accurate and relevant based on business intelligence.  Enerlead is delivered on the Salesforce1 Platform, the world’s most trusted and comprehensive cloud delivery infrastructure.

See what EnerLead has to offer below.

Energy Producers Account Lists

  • A complete list of Oil & Gas Producers that have drilled wells in Western Canada is loaded into your instance of SalesForce.com and maintained on your behalf;
  • Producer information includes: company name, address, phone, fax, website, employee count, annual revenue, description, wells drilled in last 3 years, and market share.

Optimized Drilling and Spud Records

  • Alberta, BC, Saskatchewan, and Manitoba new well licenses are loaded into your instance of SalesForce.com on a weekly basis in the EnerLead custom object;
  • A relationship is built between the well data and the Account record making it easy for the sales representative to review past and current activity related to specific Producer accounts;

Energy Producer Account Records

  • Each Energy Producer has an individual record that is assigned to the sales person who owns the relationship with the Account;
  • Each Account record allows for two Report Charts that provide instant access to key information such as market share and new well licenses.

Dashboards & Records to Assist with Market Planning

  • A series of reports link directly to the Account record and provide the sales team in-depth information about previous drilling locations, open well licenses, competitive information and much more;
  • A series of custom dashboards are designed to align the well information within the EnerLead object and your company’s objectives.

Related Contacts

  • SalesForce.com platform allows companies to load contacts into the system for an easy to manage central database of Contacts.

Track Sales Calls & Activities

  • SalesForce.com allows employees to log conversations and new tasks related to Accounts and Contacts;
  • The centralized call log systems promote collaboration and make it easy to generate new call reports.

Track Sales Calls & Activities

  • Custom email triggers allow you to define the parameters that send an email alert to your sales team when a new drilling record that is loaded into your instance of SalesForce.com meets your business requirements.

Mobile Integration to Access Leads

  • The SalesForce.com platform allows you to access the Producer’s account, contact, and drilling information from any mobile device that is connected to the internet for instant access to all account, well, contact and activity information.