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October 3rd, 2010 by

By Pat Hinds,

I read an interesting article in the Calgary Herald entitled, “Canadian is behind Google Instant Search” – the article speaks about the role Canadian Jonathan Effrat played in the development of Google’s Instant product. Listed below are a few quotes from the article that speak to the reason why they built the product and the desired results.

“Searching with predictive search technology such as Google Instant saves people time, according to Effrat. Many users of Google’s regular search engine were spending as much as 90 seconds looking for websites. Google Instant cuts that back to between four and six seconds on average.”

“This is something we see as a huge win in terms of saving people time and making it easier than ever to get to the results they are looking for,” said Effrat. “I think it goes to show that search is evolving and there is still room for innovation.”

This reminded me of articles that I read about Jeffrey Hawkins, the founder of Palm, and often heralded for the creation of the hand-held computing paradigm and the creation of the first commercially successful example of a hand-held computing device. Jeffery had a passion for ensuring Palm was always the technology leader in allowing its users to access company and contact information from hand held computers faster than any of the competitors.

The passion and commitment for Palm had and Google to quickly get information in the hands of users needs to be instilled into companies CRMimplementations. One of the biggest challenges of installing a new instance of CRM is user adoption. New users often look at the install of a CRMas having a negative impact on productivity and this makes it very difficult to get the these users to adopt

If you are having adoption issues I have listed a few salesforce features that are built to ensure users are able to access account and contact information quickly and easily.

Search and Advanced Search– This is available on every screen and allows you to search for information within any of the fields within your instance of salesforce.

Sidebar Recent Items – A short list of up to 10 specific accounts, campaigns, cases, contacts, contracts, documents, ideas, questions, leads, opportunities, quotes, orders, person accounts, solutions, users, or custom objects you’ve most recently added or viewed.

Custom List & Views – You can create new list views to see a specific set of records such as contacts, documents, or campaigns. For example, create a list view of accounts in your state, leads with a specific Lead Source, or opportunities above a particular Amount. You can also create views of contacts, leads, users, or cases to use for mass email recipient lists.

It is very important that when you install a new instance of salesforce and train user on how to use salesforce you haveto ensure the user can get access to the information they require. To achieve this salesforce has provided the sidebar and custom views and list to help users to quickly access lead, account, contact and opportunity information.

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