Going the Extra Mile

July 12th, 2011 by

When I was working at Rogers Wireless they would host a “Presidents Club” for all the top sales people; this would typically be a first class trip to a resort. I attended a few of these events and I was speaking to several sales people and I started to hear stories about people who won Club 6, 7, 8 years in a row. Making Presidents Club was not an easy task; typically a sales rep needs to be 150% of plan and I have recently read quotes that only 50% of the sales reps make quota.

In the 3rd video of the 17 Master Principles of Success, Napoleon Hill discusses the concept of “Going the Extra Mile” in order to be successful. Napoleon Hill uses the acronym QQMA to explain what is required to go the extra mile:

Quality – Deliver a quality of service that is better than expected.
Quantity – Deliver more service than is expected.
Mental Attitude – Deliver the quality and quantity of service with a positive mental attitude.

He also makes reference to the “The Law of Increasing Return” – the concept is if you can consistently increase the quality and quantity of service with a positive mental outlook over a long period of time, you will widen the gap of success on your competitors. It was evident to me after meeting the winners of the Rogers President Club that these individuals believed in going the extra mile for their company and customers and they did this year after year which resulted is creating an environment of increasing return.

We are in the grip of one of the worst recessions of all time; as a result companies have had to reduce sales staff and marketing budgets. As a result of the recession we have created a culture that is no longer about going the extra mile, it is about cutting corners and doing less for more. Sales and marketing organizations have an opportunity in today’s market to benefit from the “The Law of Increasing Return” if they are willing to change from the “less for more” attitude and create a culture based on “going the extra mile”. When dealing with a customer we need to ask “did I exceed the customer’s expectations”, if the answer is “NO” find out why and remove these barriers to creating “the extra mile” culture within your organization.

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