Happy Father’s Day

June 21st, 2010 by

By Pat Hinds

On Father’s Day I like to reflect on how lucky I am to have two wonderful daughters and how much I am looking forward to watching my children continue to grow as individuals. If you read my blogs you know how I try and tie everything back to sales; in this blog I will share a few of the things I learned from my kids that have helped me in my sales career.

Passion for Life – Growing up can be tough in today’s world as there are lots of expectations from parents, teachers and friends and if kids are to rise to these challenges they need to have passion. It is important in sales that you keep the passion for selling alive; it is easy to let past experience have a negative impact on your outlook towards sales, you will close way more deals if you are truly passionate about sales.

Relationships – It is fun to watch my kids manage and establish new relationships with family members and friends. Watching my kids’ interaction with friends and family and the effort they put into these relationships reinforces the importance of relationships in my sales career. If you want to be a top sale performer you cannot do it alone, you need to be willing to build relationships.

Individualism – My kids work hard to fit into their peer groups, but at the same time it is a reflection of how they want to be perceived as an individual. What is the first impression they want to make and what is the perception they want people to have of them. In sales, marketing establishes the brand for your product and company, but it is important you have an individual sales person to build your own impression on your client. Who are you and what kind of sales person do you want your client to perceive you as?

Having fun – As a parent you want to see your kids do well in school and have friends, but for me the most important thing is I love to see them enjoying life and having fun. This is true in sales; we have quotas, new products and customer service issues, even with all of these challenges it is important to have fun.

To all the sales people who are fathers I hope you enjoyed Father’s Days and take the time to learn from your kids.

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