Horizon Heating Customer Success Story

February 20th, 2012 by

One tip that comes up frequently for content developers is the importance to re-purpose content; as a result, I am going to write customer success stories blogs for the next month so I can use the content on my Customer page on my website. I hope you enjoy the content.


Horizon Heating Ltd. has been providing quality and affordable heating, air conditioning and indoor air quality solutions to Albertans since 1988. Products include; Carrier, Honeywell, ventilation and metal products. Services include residential new construction, furnace replacements, renovations, air conditioning, indoor air quality solutions, controls and automation, parts and service.


• Managed new furnace orders from Home Builders using a spread sheet and the spreadsheet would often become corrupted.
• They did not have a digital system to manage new furnace leads from consumers generated from the website and call-ins.
• They did not have a system to manage lead generation and sales process for new furnace warranties, service packages and cleanings.


• Purchased SalesForce.com Enterprise and POIM CRM QuickStart.


• Used Account Records to manage relationships with home builders who require furnace installation in a new home.
• Used Opportunities to manage new home installs that were posted by the Home Builder on the Home Builder portal sites.
• Used Account Hierarchies to associate homes that had a new furnace installed by Horizon with the originating home builder.
• Used web to lead to capture new consumer leads from generated from the internet.
• Used Person Accounts to manage account information associated with customs not associated with a home builder customer.
• Used products to build customer quotes.
• Used Assets to track products sold to builders and individual customers.

Custom Cloud & App Exchange Partners

• Built an Apex Trigger to convert an Opportunity to an Account and convert Products within the Opportunity to Assets within the new Account.
• Integrated Conga Composer mail merge application to create quotes and work orders associated with Opportunities and Accounts.


• Replaced a spread sheet with a CRM that allows Horizon to manage the customer workflow from lead – prospect – customer.
• Reduced the time required to manage customer data by replacing the spread sheet with a CRM that does not crash.
• Provide a system that allows them to manage assets that they have sold, contacts who own the assets and the relationship they have with the home builder.
• Provided a CRM that will allow Horizon to easily market cleaning and repair services to existing customers.
• Provided a CRM that will allow Horizon to easily market service contacts to existing customers.

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