iPAD and SalesForce.com

September 9th, 2010 by

By Pat Hinds

I purchased an iPad last week to see how effective it would in managing my SalesForce account while I was in the field. Like most new technology the iPad had its benefits and draw backs while operating SalesForce.com; listed below are a few of my observations:

– Cool Factor – I like to think of POIMas a cutting edge technology company and when customers see me using the iPad it has a cool factor.
– Portable – It is very portable; I bought a nice case with the iPAD making it durable and still easy to bring on a sales call.
– Screen – SalesForce looks great on the iPad screen and it is very easy to navigate salesforce objects
– Functionality – I was able to update all fields and view my reports.

CSV File Support – I was hoping that I would be able to run Google apps and view and edit CSV files exported from reports. My research indicated that this is not supported at this time.
– Projection – I bought the USBto projector adapter so I could project the salesforce user interface on a monitor or screen. My research indicated that the iPAD does not support projecting web content at this time.
– Micro USB – I have a cellular USB for my laptop that has a SIM card and I wanted to share the SIM card between the two devices. My research indicated that the USB uses a standard SIMand the iPAD uses the mico SIM as a result I could not share the cards.

Overall Rating C-

I am a SalesForce power user; as a result not supporting the ability to view and edit an exported reports in CSVformat and not having the ability to project the screen limits the situations that I can use the iPAD. If I keep my uses of the iPAD to record maintenance it works fine. The challenge is the device is expensive and salesforce client for the iPhone lets me do all the things I require to maintain account records in the field.

My recommendation is to use the iPhone or laptop with a cellular USBmodem if you require salesforce mobility.

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