Job Search 2.0

April 11th, 2010 by

By Pat Hinds

I met an ex-colleague of mine this week to get caught up and discuss job hunting tactics. This friend has been out of work for six months and enjoying the time off; it is now time to start the process of looking for a job. On the front page of the business section in the Calgary Herald the headlines read, “Alberta jobless rate hits 14-year high”. A quick search on Google and it does not take long to find out “The unemployment rate in the United States was 9.70 percent in March of 2010”. My first thought is self employment is the best way to overcome the challenge of finding a job; it is easier to find work than a job. Many people do not have the appetite to be self employed, so I would like to share a few sales 2.0 techniques that will help in a job search.

Position Statement – A positioning statement provides direction or focus of what type of employee you are and what type of job best fits your skills. To be successful in finding a job you need to know what you bring to the job market and you need to be able to explain your position in what is referred to as an “elevator pitch” 25 to 30 words.

Target Market – A target market or target audience is the market segment which a particular product is marketed to. In the case of my friend she is an executive assistant; as a result her target market is companies with lots of executives.

Marketing Tool Kit – A marketing tool kit is a collection of material that you are going to use to support your sales and marketing activities. In the case of looking for a job your resume is the most important component of your marketing tool kit. Other items that you will want to include are references, awards, certifications and certificates.

CRM – In the target market process we want to build a list of companies that we feel offer the best opportunity for employment. As we work through the email and telesales process we are going to be collecting names, phone numbers, email addresses and comments. You will need a tool like excel, Maximize or Act to collect this information.

eMail Marketing – Referring to the target market list of companies we built we want to do a Google search on every company and identify the HR section of the website, copy this link into your CRM. Every company is going to have an HR email or a section to upload a resume, get your resume out to every company.

Telesales– Always start your telesales with friends and family when you have exhausted that list focus on your target market. Now all companies have a copy of your resume you need to contact the HR manager to follow-up to confirm they have a copy and qualify any next steps. Getting access to HR can be tough; having a name to ask for can make the process easier. Do a Google search on the company name and include “HR Manager”; the results will often include a contact name. A site that works well in identifying contacts is Do not stop until you have contacted every company on the list and use the internet to help you prepare for the call.

Social Networking– If you do not have a Linkedin, Facebook and Twitter account use your free time to activate an account. You need to get the message out you are looking for a job and the best place to spread the word is your social network. Social networks are designed to help you communicate with many people at once; the more people you get to help you find the job you are looking for the shorter the job search.

Good luck!

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