Lessons learned from Jim Lovie

October 27th, 2010 by

By Pat Hinds,

When I worked at Rogers Wireless my boss twice removed was Mr. James (Jim) Lovie, Executive Vice-President, Sales, Distribution and Service for Rogers Communications Group. Mr. Lovie is responsible for the sales success of all Rogers commercial products, in addition to the design of the overall customer sales experience. I did not work directly for Jim, but I was influenced by his beliefs in how to operate a sales division.

Listed below are the my key learning’s form Jim:

1/ Train your sales people – The mobile phone industry products and services change daily; as a result Jim invested heavily in training his sales people at all levels. Jim went beyond product training, he invested in sales training creating a professional sales environment that provided consistent customer service and sales results.

2/ Provide sales incentives – I am sure Jim recognized early in his career that if you hire motivated individuals they would respond to incentives. Sales incentives also drive behavior, allowing Jim to align his sales organization with the corporate objectives. While working at Rogers we had a sales incentive in place every quarter and a yearly objective as well.

3/ Cover your market with sales people – Rogers’s market coverage from large corporate to the SOHO market is second to none. Rogers’s coverage of the retail market with its network of retail stores leads the industry. Jim knows if you want to be successful in a market you have to have a sales presence.

3/ Sell the steak and not the sizzle is a quote from Jim, when I asked him about the release of a new product. If you want to achieve your sales objectives sell the products that you can deliver and not the products you do not have.

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