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November 17th, 2012 by

I am a fan of Napoleon Hill and his 17 principles of success; one of the principles of success is building a Master Mind Alliance.  A ‘Master Mind’ may be developed by a friendly alliance, in a spirit of harmony of purpose, between two or more minds. The benefit of a master mind agreement is the ability to organize people in strategic positions in a spirit of friendliness and harmony.

One feature that is within’ SalesCloud is Contact Roles within Accounts and Opportunities; a contact role defines the part that a contact or person account plays in a specific account, case, contract, or opportunity. For example, Tom Jones might be the Decision Maker for the opportunity, and Mary Smith might be the Evaluator. You can assign a contact role to any contact or person account that affects your account, case, contract, or opportunity. Contacts and person accounts can have different contact roles on various accounts, cases, contracts, or opportunities.

The Contact Roles related list of an account, case, contract, or opportunity displays the roles that each contact or person account plays in that record. The Opportunity Contact Roles related to the list displays the opportunities on which the person account is listed in the Account Name field of the opportunity.

Examples of Contact Roles

  • Business User
  • Decision Maker
  • Economic Buyer
  • Economic Decision Maker
  • Evaluator
  • Executive Sponsor
  • Influencer
  • Technical Buyer
  • Other

If a sales rep is to be successful within complex B2B sales it is important that they use the Contact Role feature, but it is even more important that they use these roles to coach them on building a master mind agreement with the contacts involved in the sales cycle.  Building an awareness of developing an alliance, in a spirit of harmony of purpose that benefit the customer, and your organization will generate greater sales success. 

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