Customer Stories



Metercor Inc

Since 1997, Metercor Inc. (formerly CMI Services Inc.) has operated with the vision to lead in effective utility meter installation & management programs, as well as leak detection services. Metercor aims to be the preeminent smart meter installation solutions provider to utility service providers across Canada. With over 150,000 meters installed throughout the Western Provinces and active programs underway in Eastern Canada, Metercor is making an impact in the market.


Metercor was unable to effectively manage their sales and marketing processes due to a lack of sales functionality with their existing database. They were also struggling to document and manage their results and actions within their sales team. A disorganized and scattered database was causing Metercor to lose efficiency within their sales processes (market planning, quotes and partners).


Metercor required a business process review to provide consistency and alignment throughout the company. By implementing a central database, Metercor will have a reliable CRM system that they can use to better their sales processes. Additionally Metercor required a way to manage their appointment activities, scheduling and reporting methods for their field data collections.

SalesCloud & CustomCloud

POIM used EnerStart and the SalesCloud to provide Metercor with detailed and organized Contacts, Accounts, Oppourtunities and Leads from their existing data. This information was also integrated with SalesForce Mobile to provide Metercor with an effective and consistent tool to manage their marketing and sales activities.


POIM was able to implement a CRM that allows Metercor to manage the sales processes (market planning, lead generation, lead management, and sales methodology) and operational processes (new appointment booking, field scheduling, and onsite data collection) in a single CRM system resulting improved sales results and operational efficiencies. They now have a 360 degree view of their customers and an effective method of running their sales processes.