New Rig Report Canada Sept 5 – 3 New Rigs

September 5th, 2017 by

This rig report contains the new rigs from last week and a summary from last month. We have added 30 new rigs in Aug as a result the graph below shows the capacity to spud new wells per week has increased by 10%. We are seeing a slowing in new well license over the last 20 days we will watch how that impacts the new rig count.


Rig Graph


New Rigs Last Week – Below is a summary of drilling rigs that have become active in the last week.

Contractor_and_Rig Account ProvinceSorted Ascending Board Field Centre Surface Location
Chinook 15 Velvet Energy Ltd AB DRAYTON VALLEY 05-23-048-11W5
Horizon 46 ConocoPhillips Canada Resources Corp AB DRAYTON VALLEY 07-34-050-14W5
Savanna 416 North American Helium Inc. SK Swift Current 15-35-009-11W3


Summary of New Rig Activity Last 30 Days 


Rig Map 2


Contractor_and_Rig Account Name Surface Location Near_LSD
Beaver 9 ARC Resources Ltd 14-34-077-06W6 Spirit River
Precision 531 Athabasca Oil Sands Corp 07-30-060-23W5 Fox Creek
Quintera 7 Bering Exploration Company, ULC 03-34-034-13W4 Federal
Ensign 431 Caltex Resources Ltd. 14-21-034-20W3
Ensign 218 Canadian Natural Resources Limited 09-14-055-03W4 Unipouheos #121
Nabors 21 CANAMAX ENERGY LTD. 04-33-083-23W5 Grimshaw
Precision 225 Cenovus Energy Inc. 15-28-043-09W5 O’Chiese #203
Horizon 46 ConocoPhillips Canada Resources Corp 07-34-050-14W5 Pinedale
Horizon 17 Gibson Energy Inc 09-13-078-06W6 Spirit River
Savanna 623 Harvest Operations Corp 01-05-083-07W6 Hines Creek
Beaver 8 Huron Resources Corp 13-16-072-25W5 Ridgevalley
Horizon 37 Husky Energy 02-08-072-10W6 Beaverlodge
Horizon 4 Husky Energy 09-26-049-19W5 Robb
Precision 392 Kelt Exploration Ltd NTS: C -010-H/094-A-13
Nabors 28 Lance Exploration Corp. 12-18-001-23W4 Kimball
Savanna 416 North American Helium Inc. 15-35-009-11W3
Ironhand 0 Peyto Exploration and Development Corp. 02-22-043-12W5 O’Chiese #203
Precision 231 Repsol Oil & Gas Canada Inc. 04-10-051-17W5 Edson
Nabors 5 Saguaro Resources Ltd NTS: C -054-H/094-G-08
Akita 31 Storm Resources Ltd NTS: C D-065-A/094-H-04
Ironhand 4 STRATH RESOURCES LTD. 06-05-062-03W6
Trinidad 22 Tangle Creek Energy Ltd 16-14-052-12W5 Niton Junction
Horizon 39 TAQA North Ltd. 10-33-036-22W4 Lousana
Trinidad 39 Tourmaline Oil Corp 01-24-058-01W6
Precision 533 Tourmaline Oil Corp 07-09-078-08W6 Spirit River
Chinook 15 Velvet Energy Ltd 05-23-048-11W5 Lodgepole
Savanna 352 Westbrick Energy Ltd 04-28-049-10W5 Cynthia
Jomax 1 XTO Energy Canada 01-23-061-03W6

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