No More Cold Calling

September 10th, 2010 by

By Pat Hinds,

One of the promises of sales2.0 is “no more cold calling” for sales people. I am believer of the value of cold calling; as a result POIM has not done its due diligence on the meaning of the claim of no more cold calling. As I work with clients on implementing telesales teams, I am starting to figure out what the POIM interpretation is of no more cold calling.

I have written several blogs on the value of creating a “customer finger print” this is using data mining to profile your existing customers by industry, company, size, location, product line. When you have built a robust customer finger print you are in a position to build a list of target accounts that you would like your sales team to cold call in order to grow your business.

If we take the finger print sales2.0 process one step further we can enter into the realm of no more cold calling. If we go back to our customer list and do some internet research we can start to see unique data points that our high value accounts typically display on their websites. If we capture these data points and apply them to a ranking system (A,B,C) we can ten take our target customer list and have our internet research team review the websites of these companies and rank them based on the agreed to rank system.

Now we have a list of accounts that are aligned with your company’s position statement and the due diligence from the internet research translates into higher close rates. The advantage to the sales rep is they are no longer cold calling to qualify accounts, they are now warm calling to determine at what point the customer is in the buying process and determine how they can help the customer.

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