Oil & Gas Industry: People, Assets, Balance Sheet and Momentum

May 19th, 2009 by

By Pat Hinds

Low cost conventional oil & gas exploration is on the decline and the leadership teams of oil & gas companies are executing plans to transition from low cost conventional production to high cost production in a market of low cost per barrel.  The key strengths that successful juniors and intermediates possess are related to their people, quality of assets, balance sheet and the companies momentum.” Small and large energy producers need the following to address the changing energy market:

People: a management team has a clear picture of what needs to be done in the changing oil & gas environment

Assets: assets are aligned with the goals set by the management team and these address the changing environment

Balance Sheet: a balance sheet that sustains reduced short-term demand and increased production costs

Momentum: the ability to show investors how to address changing market conditions

Those energy producers that best address these areas will most likely experience the most success in the long term.



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