Open the Call

June 22nd, 2010 by

By Pat Hinds,

I have been working with a sales rep that is new to telesales and we have been going over the six steps to making an outbound call:

1. Greet/Introduce
2. Relate
3. Position
4. Confirm time
5. Communicate Plan
6. Listen/Probe for agreement

This is my second round of training reps with this company and working with this rep has been a good learning experience for me. In the first round of training the focus of calling prospects was to book a meeting with the customer; this is was very much a sales 1.0 approach to selling as it came from the old school that you needed to get in front of the customer to close a deal.

The challenge with the company that I am working for is the transaction value of the product is $1500.00 and the reps need to sell $12,500.00 per month to hit quota. If you do the math and use the model the rep will close 20% of the interested appointments and they will have to meet with 40 accounts per month. To book 40 appointments the rep might have to make 800 calls or 40 calls a day. It is obvious that this companies reps cannot take the time to meet with every prospect and they have to close deals over the phone.

Recommended modifications to the 6 steps to “open the call” are as follows:

2. Relate – This needs to show that you have used sales 2.0 best practices and tools and you have researched the account. Terms to consider in the relate statement are, “I reviewed your website” and “I am contacting companies that provide these….services”.

4. Confirm time – This is a two step process, the first objective is to establish 5 minutes for your “position” statement and “Listen/Probe” to determine if you can keep the call moving forward.

5. Communicate Plan – If you have determined that the account is in one of the stages of the buying process (plan, recognize, search, evaluate, select), you need to establish that you would like to continue the sales process over the phone. This is where web conference tools like webex can help with the telesales phone process.

It is important that companies review their selling tools and make sure they are updated to reflect sales 2.0 processes.

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