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February 3rd, 2010 by

By Pat Hinds

I attended a webinar that was hosted by Jigsaw on “Inside Sales 2.0: What Practices and Technologies Produce Resuts”; the keynote speaker was Anneke Seley, the CEO and Founder of Phone Works LLC. Anneke used Oracle as a case study on how to be successful in using sales 2.0 tools to build an effective inside sales team. I took a few notes from the webinar, specifically notes that provided an overview of Oracle inside strategy.

Webinar Notes:


– Build a charter that clearly defines what results you want to achieve from an inside sales team.
– Work on an inside sales model that ensures you minimize competition with outside sales teams that sell to other market segments.


– Create dash boards that provide visibility to the activity of the inside sales team.
– Incent quality leads.
– Determine the best ROI for the sales reps by doing detailed territory analytics.


– Leverage CRM
– Measure results of as many activities as possible.
– Make the inside sales reps carry a quota.
– Hire type A personalities “Red Meat eaters”
– Pay the reps 50% base and 50% variable

The day after the webinar an article appeared in the paper that indicated that Oracle was in the market to hire 2000 sales people. A couple of quotes that I found interesting from the Information Week Article are:

“Oracle President Charles Phillips said the company is hiring 2,000 salespeople, and that Oracle would have “the best paid salespeople in the business.” Phillips said people selling Sun gear now could make more working for Oracle, “if they sell things. They don’t make anything if they don’t sell.”

“Oracle is moving to a more direct sales model for Sun’s 1,700 top customers. “We’re going to pay you more than you’re making now, and you’re bored with what you’re doing now, anyway,” Phillips said to potential salespeople. “Give us a call.”

It is obvious that Oracle feels they have the product suite and sales methodology to grow the company significantly.

Stay tuned.

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