Positive Mental Attitude in Sales & Marketing

July 24th, 2011 by

In the video by Napoleon Hill, Positive Mental Attitude, he provides 20 tips on how to have a positive mental attitude. If you want to be successful in sales and marketing you require a positive mental attitude; in this blog I will translate 10 of the 20 points into sales and marketing tips and I will do the same in next week’s blog for the last 10 tips.

1/ Learn how to adjust yourself to other peoples frame of mind.
• Marketing – Use customer surveys.
• Sales – Acknowledge customer objection prior to handling the objection.

2/ Condition your mind each day to ensure you have positive attitude.
• Marketing – Focus on and celebrate the leads that you generate.
• Sales – Focus on and celebrate the sales you have closed.

3/ Learn the art of selling yourself through indirection (asking questions).

• Marketing – Get social, use every social networking platform available to solicit information from your customers.
• Sales – Learn to probe to need, starting with situational questions.

4/ Adapt the habit of laughter.

• Marketing – Use humor as a marketing tool.
• Sales – Learn a couple of good jokes.

5/ Daily gratitude for your daily challenges and blessings.

• Marketing – Measure all your marketing campaigns and learn from the success and failures.
• Sales – Track all your sales opportunities and learn from lost and closed deals.

6/ Focus on the “can do” within the problem that you face.

• Marketing – Use marketing automation.
• Sales – Embrace you sales quota.

7/ Learn to transmute unpleasant circumstances into a positive mental attitude.

• Marketing – If a marketing imitative fails, you can learn the positives if you took the time to measure the results.
• Sales – If you are missing your quota, review what is selling and do more of it.

8/ Recognize that every circumstance pleasant/unpleasant as an opportunity to grow.

• Marketing – Listen to your customers, react to what they say.
• Sales – Act quickly when given the opportunity by your customer.

9/ Look on your life as an opportunity for continuous learning.

• Marketing – Provide an opportunity to collect customer feedback.
• Sales – Take a sales training course.

10/ Invest is self improvement.

• Marketing – Invest in marketing automation.
• Sales – Use your CRM.


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