Power of a Master Mind Alliance

September 7th, 2011 by

I have a friend who is an Account Manager at a company that supports its sales account managers with two inside sales people based on product lines. The sales model makes sense, but as a group they had problems communicating and defining roles and responsibilities; as a result they never formed a master mind alliance and this impacted sales results. The company did a second reorganization in June keeping the one account manager and two inside sales reps structure, but changed the members of the team. Since the reorganization the group of three has communicated very well; as a result, they have formed a master mind alliance and the sales results are improving.

This is a great example of the power of effective communication that results in building a master mind alliance between groups of people. In marketing we face the challenges of building master mind alliances between our sales teams and customers. How do we get like-minded people on the sales and the customer side communicating about goals they are aligned on and committed to achieve? In B2B sales, marketing through your online channel and automating the process has the ability to make the master mind connection if the process and tools are in place.

When I reference an “online channel” I use the document prepared by Google called, “2011 B2B Marketing Outlook.” Google speaks to Email marketing, Online content, Search Engine Optimization, Search Engine Marketing and several others tactics as an “online channel”. We use these tools to help identify customers that we want to align with our sales teams, we then use marketing automation enabled with lead scoring to help facilitate a master mind alliance between sales and the customer. Lead scoring lets you automatically qualify leads and measure their interest and engagement in your products. This includes:

• Automate lead qualification processes so you can act on “hot” leads faster
• Score leads using demographics and BANT attributes, as well as prospect behaviors
• Track online activity to measure buying interest and sales-readiness
• Improve sales follow-up by sending only qualified sales leads
• Decrease scores over time based on inactivity

As per the example with my friend at the start of the blog, you can have an effective structure to, but if you don’t connect the people with a master mind alliance the effectiveness of the structure is compromised. If you take the extra step and you get the like-minded people together and you form an alignment you will achieve the desired results.

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