Productivity through Sales Pace & Execution

May 14th, 2012 by

I was asked to help coach the O-line of a community football team.  When I was asked to coach, the team had already completed 4 games of the season winning the first 3 and losing its last game prior to me joining.

I joined the team with a couple of practices remaining prior to our 5th game (we lost the 5th game) and the two observations that I made in the practices:

·        Poor Pace – It was taking too long between practice plays reducing the amount of reps executed during practice.

·        Poor Execution – When the players ran the practice plays they did not focus on technique making for poorly executed practice plays.

In my second week of practice, I put a lot of focus on the pace of the practice resulting in an increased amount of reps and the why it was important to get the most out of every rep by using good technique.  My second game with the team we won 28-27 in what was considered an upset.

If you have run an organization with sales operations or you’re a sales manager, you can use a CRM to help manage the “sales pace” of your sales team and the quality of the work-delivered “sales execution” by your sales team.

·       Sales Pace– to be successful in sales you must maintain a high activity level of prospecting calls, face-to-face meetings, proposal submission and follow-up. Having the sales team log activity into a CRM you are able to measure the sales pace, ensuring it meets expectation.

·       Sales Execution– Building a framework for your Opportunity and Quote Management allows to ensure the reps are executing each sales opportunity at the highest level.

The formula is simple; if you make more sales calls and do a better job of the sales call than your competition you will be more successful.

CRM Tip:

–        Sales people often claim car mileage and fuel as an expense, but struggle with keeping a driver log.  If you log every appointment in your calendar and you sink your calendar with your CRM you can build a report that is easy to convert to a driver log.  Make sure you use a standard subject line that makes it easy to filter the calendar events that required you to drive.

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