Results Based Selling: Get Focused on Accounts, Contacts and Opportunities

February 17th, 2010 by

By Pat Hinds

This week I was lucky enough to have the opportunity to lift weights with my nephew and go skiing with my dad. I have lots of experience with weight lifting and skiing; as a result, I was asked for advice on how to improve technique to get better results. In the case of my nephew we were doing bench press and he wanted to lift more weight; and with my dad we were skiing powder snow and he wanted to get down the hill faster. The advice I gave my nephew and dad was similar, it was about focus. With my nephew, I wanted him to focus his energy on his pec muscle while he was pushing the weight and with my dad my recommendation was to focus energy on squeezing his thighs together. In both cases my advice was taken and resulted in improved performance.

When I am engaged in a customer project I use a charter to help me focus on the results that I want do deliver. Similar to the advice I gave my dad and nephew I try to simplify the problem and focus on the area that will deliver that best results. In the case of lifting weights your pec muscle does most of the lifting, and in the case of skiing your thigh muscles does the majority of the work while skiing powder; consequently, it makes sense to focus on these keys areas. When I work with a customer who wants to improve sales results we prepare a charter that defines the problem statement, outlines the project description and provides an overview of the scope of work.

Using the charter as a tool to help focus energy and resources, my recommendations is to focus on the most basic components of selling, accounts, contacts and opportunities. What is your relationship with the accounts you do business with and would like to do business with? What is the relationship with the employees within your customer and targeted accounts? What are the opportunities within your customer and target accounts? If you focus your activity on accounts, contacts and opportunities and organize your activities with a charter you will deliver measurable results.

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