Results Based Selling Sales 2.0: Cold Calling is About Alignment

March 3rd, 2010 by

By Pat Hinds

When I started POIM I was influenced by an article that I read while I was preparing for a sales call years ago called, “Aligning Universities for Success – Turning out Graduates Who Get Jobs. “ In the article was a quote from Gwyn Morgan, the CEOof Encana that said:
“Alignment is a condition where there is commonality of understanding, intent, action and accountability on several fronts: on vision, strategy, goals and objectives and on measures, roles and accountability”.

The concept of alignment had such an influence on me that when I was working on my logo I tried to create an image of alignment by emulating an image of Newton’s cradle within the logo. The quote from Gwyn Morgan can be used internally within a company as they go through the process of building a company or externally when building products and selling to your target customer base.

When I am doing a sales 2.0 implementation for a customer I often take on the responsibility of telemarketing/telesales to test the sales 2.0 system that we are implementing. When I go through the process of calling customers the objective is to align the reason I am calling with an objective the company has set for themselves.

An example is a project I am doing with a vehicle tracking company that wants to target energy sector companies. Prior to calling the customer I follow the sales 2.0 process of account preparation and leverage web technology to do research on the business to find out if they operate a fleet of vehicles, what type of service do they operate with those vehicles, and who is the person responsible for the health and safety of the of the operators of the vehicles.

When you have completed the research on the company the alignment process becomes much easier; in my case it’s a simple call to the person responsible for health and safety. You now have the ability to open a call with “I am hoping you can help me, I am working xxx company who supply vehicle tracking services and work alone solutions to companies that operate xxxx fleets to help improve driver safety.” At this point it is a simple process to find out if the customer has implemented it, is in the process, is considering it, or is not considering leveraging vehicle tracking as part of the worker safety program.

The account preparation allows you to align your product with the vision, strategy, goals and objectives allowing the customer to measure and deliver on the desires results. Benefits of aligning with your customer goals are:

1/ Increased Profit Margins
2/ Quicker execution of sales objectives
3/ Reduced customer churn

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