Results Based Selling: Sales 2.0

February 22nd, 2010 by

By Pat Hinds

Eighteen months ago I started POIM Consulting Group with the idea that I wanted to help technology companies sell to the energy sector. I felt I could help companies improve sales results based on my proven track record that is based on a sales methodology that has evolved over my 17 year sales career.

Working with my customers I found the importance of two key points:
Document – In order to acquire clients I needed to document my proven sales methodology, share the process with the customer and document my progress against the methodology.
Measure – In order to manage multiple customers/projects I needed to automate the process with technology; as a result, I adopted

As the company evolved I started adopting web 2.0 social networking technologies like LinkedIn, Zoom, Jigsaw and Net Prospect to help with the process of selling to energy sector accounts. As I signed up to use the services of these companies they invited me to webinars that explained how to better use these technologies.

During the webinars I was introduced to a term/concept called Sales 2.0 and I realized the service I was providing my customers had a name that was being adopted by the sales industry. As a result of the revelation of finding the term “Sales 2.0”, I have started to do some research on the definition of the term that I would like to share.

One thing to note is the earliest date I started finding reference to the term is 2008; as a result, the definition of sales 2.0 is more conceptual than actual. I hope this information helps introduce you to a concept that I feel will change the sales industry.

Sales 2.0 – Sales 2.0 is the use of sales practices, enabled by technology, to improve speed, collaboration, accountability and customer engagement at every stage of the revenue cycle.

Wikipedia – Customer relationship management (CRM) are methods that companies use to interact with customers. The methods include employee training and …

Selling Power Magazine – Sales 2.0 bring together customer- focused methodologies and productivity-enhancing technologies that transform selling from an art to a science. Sales 2.0 relies on a repeatable, collaborative, and customer-enabled process that runs through the sales and marketing organization, resulting in improved productivity, predictable ROI, and superior performance.

1. Sales 2.0 is about acceleration.
2. Sales 2.0 is about collaboration.
3. Sales 2.0 is about professionalization
4. Sales 2.0 is about accountability
5. Sales 2.0 is about alignment.

Barry Trailer – Sales 2.0 focuses upon tying appropriate sales activities to the buying process as it occurs.

Gerhard Gschwandtner – Marriage between technology, sound methodology resulting in sales acceleration and better outcomes.

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