Resume Strategy: Goals, Objective, Strategy and Tactics

January 18th, 2010 by

By Pat Hinds

I am back blogging again after a nice Christmas break. May 2010 bring a strong and vibrant global economy!

I have been working on the relaunch of my website to reflect my relationship with as a Registered Consulting Partner and my new product offerings: SaleForce Quick Start, SalesForce Custom Install and Sales Process Improvement. One area that I am updating on the website is my personal information in the company profile section. I have access to an outplacement company called DBM; as result, I asked them for help with updating my resume so I can use the information for my profile on the POIM website. DBM provided me a resume template that I thought was very effective in presenting my job experience similar to a project plan in that it includes: goals, objective, strategy and tactics.

The following is an overview of the resume structure and how it relates to goals, objective, strategy and tactics:

Section 1 – The first part of the resume is my “profile”; it is 65 words in length. I treated my profile as the opportunity to explain my “goals”. I want to give the reader the impression that my goal is to help with market planning, territory, and funnel management resulting in sales growth and a motivated staff. The profile section is supported with bullet points that align with the profile.

Resume Profile – Sample
“A results driven, customer focused sales professional with 17 years of direct sales and sales management experience in the technology industry. A proven track record of exceeding revenue targets by using effective market planning, territory, and funnel management resulting in profitable market share growth for numerous product lines. Proficient at managing budgets and expense control while developing and motivating sales staff through incentives and sales coaching.”

Bullet Points – Strategic market planning, Territory design & management, Funnel reporting….

Section 2 – The second part of the resume is an overview of “Select Career Development”; I used four bullets about 30 words in length. I treated this section as the “objective” and I outlined how much I will grow revenue and the timeline for achieving the revenue growth.

Select Career Accomplishments – Sample
“Developed and implemented a custom wireless marketing and sales strategy for a major wireless carrier operating in Alberta. Successful in working the carrier’s distribution channels to secure multi-million dollar contracts in government, utilities, transportation and energy sector accounts growing the business unit 500% in two years.”

Section 3 – The second part of the resume is an overview of “Professional Experience”, I treated this as the “strategy & tactics” I used to achieve my goals and objectives. I outlined the companies that I have worked with over my 17 year career and provided information on my responsibilities. I have worked with 6 companies and wanted to keep this section to one page; as a result I had to keep each career accomplishment short.

Professional Experience – Example

“POIM Consulting Group – Calgary, AB 2008 – Present
Founder & President

POIM Consulting Group provides sales force automation (SFA) and sales process improvement (SPI) consulting services.

Responsibilities: “sales, marketing, business development, project management and finance.”

Topics: Sales Consulting