Sales 1.0 networking tips for Linkedin

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I was invited to a meeting of the Calgary chapter of the BNI Group a professional marketing organization specializing in word-of-mouth referrals. The BNI strategy relies on a business networking strategy that generates business referrals within many diverse networks. BNI relies on structured business groups wherein each member carries the other’s business cards. When a “prospect” is met, the business card and testimonial information is shared and a referral is most often created.

The approach BNI takes is very much sales and marketing 1.0 it is built on business cards, hand written lead sheets and face to face meetings and the train members on the fine art of networking.  They have been very successful with their approach to sales 1.0 networking as a result of their success we can learn from the BNI best practices and apply them to a sales 2.0 networking technology Linkedin.  Listed below the definition of reciprocity and the top 10 traits of BNI networkers these is the fundamental principle of the BNI group that can be applied to Linkedin software to improve the results of sales 2.0 networking tool.


The norm of reciprocity is the social expectation that people will respond to each other in kind—returning benefits for benefits, and responding with either indifference or hostility to harms. The social norm of reciprocity often takes different forms in different areas of social life, or in different societies. All of them, however, are distinct from related ideas such as gratitude, the Golden Rule, or mutual goodwill.

Top 10 traits of BNI networkers that can be applied to Linkedin.    

1/ They work their network.

Comment – What are you doing with your connections?

2/ Sincerity

3/ Enjoy helping others

Comment – Are you offering any of your connections?

4/ Gratitude

Comment – Do you thank your connections?

5/ Always networking

Comment – How often do you log-in to Linkedin?

6/ Good listening skills

Comment – Do you read the post of you connections?

7/ Credibility

8/ Enthusiasm

Comment – Are you excited about the business possibility of Linkedin

9/ Positive Attitude

10/ Follow-up on referrals  

Comment – Do you communicate with your connections?

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