Sales 2.0 Definition

April 13th, 2010 by

By Pat Hinds

I called a prospective customer this week in the technology industry and stated my position statement: “POIM is a sales 2.0 consulting company” and his response was a laugh. I asked him if he was familiar with the term “sales 2.0” and he indicated that he was familiar with the term, but did not know the definition. As a sales 2.0 consulting company it is important that we have a definition of sales 2.0; I have been working on a definition for a new power point presentation.

“Sales 2.0 organizations adapt sales processes, technology and the role of the sales people to take advantage of the improved access to customer information transitioning sales from an art to a science”.

The driver for sales 2.0 is access to information both from the customers perspective (the information they have on products and services) and from a sales perspective (information we have on the customer). One of the partners that I deal with is InsideView and they came up with a definition for “Socialprise”.

“Socialprise applications are a convergence of social media and business applications, and emerge as a mashup of both the information and user experience of these previously separate universes. Socialprise applications enable organizations to discover and distill relevant information from structured and unstructured data sources and present it in the meaningful context of specific business processes. They address both content aggregation, presentation, and collaborative functionality for organization-wide applicability.”

An example of sales 2.0 and socialprise can be found in the news article “’Wild West’ of online ads stirs privacy fears” Google, Yahoo and other major Internet advertising companies are developing new ways to tailor ads by tracking users’ online history — and can even auction off individual customers to advertisers in the few milliseconds between a person clicking a link and the page appearing on their screen.

We are in the early stages of defining “sales 2.0”, but we do know that information is the driver and if organizations do not tailor their sales process, people and technology to accommodate the “socialprise” they will not be able to compete in the digital age.

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