Sales Process – Big Part of Sales2.0

August 27th, 2010 by

By Pat Hinds,

When I declared POIM a sales2.0 consulting company I watched the YouTube video (listed below) of BNETinterviewing Stu Schmidt of Cisco who described sales2.0 as “people, process and technology”. My reaction was “this is a key component of sales2.0” and as a sales2.0 consulting company I felt it important that I had a good understanding of how to implement Stu’s description of sales2.0.

I turned my attention to the “process” part of the definition of “sales2.0”. My first impression of the meaning of sales2.0 process was I needed to do a complete rework of a company’s sales process and introduce a whole new set of sales2.0 processes. As I started working with companies I quickly discovered that the majority of companies have existing an sales process that works and the challenge is they have not documented the process and they have not audited the process to determine its effectiveness.

If you are a company or individual sales person and are looking to make the transition to a sales2.0 organization, the first step is to take the time to document and audit existing sales processes for effectiveness. The goal of sales2.0 is not to throw the process out the window if it works, but to identify areas of change of the existing process that can improve sales productivity and reduce the cost of sales.

When you have completed the process audit and adjustments you can then determine the impact these changes will have on your sales and operation teams and what areas of the sales process that can be automated with technology.

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