Sales Productivity is like operating a Gas Well

February 12th, 2012 by

Living in Alberta you cannot help but to be influenced by the oil and gas industry; as a result I find myself making comparisons between the oil & gas industry and sales management. One comparison I make is the similarities between the production of a natural gas well and the production sales person.

Oil & Gas operators use pressure, flow, temperature and levels to measure the operational environment and production of a gas well. If production of a well drops off they then use analytics to determine what changes in key variables have impacted production.

We can use the same principles of measurement Pressure, Flow, Temperature and Level to measure sales productivity within a CRM.

Oil & Gas companies spend billions of dollars to capture data at the well site to ensure optimal production of a gas well. They also have the analytical tools to trouble shoot production issues.

Sales organization need to take the same approach to managing their sales teams by implementing CRM systems to help them to monitor sales people productivity and use analytics to fix any production problems.

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