Sales2.0 Definition Expands

September 22nd, 2010 by

By Pat Hinds,

I have a good example of Sales2.0 vs. Sales1.0 in relation to a recent POIMcustomer. I was training a customer on and while speaking to the president of the company he told me a story of when he worked at Hilti (; when he was a young sales rep he was asked to maintain a binder that had information on each of his accounts that included general information on the account, call log details and opportunity overviews. The thing that frustrated him the most is when they would do account transitions his fellow sales rep would pass him a binder and it would be empty.

Now we flash forward 20 years and POIMis reviewing the instance of salesforce with his sales team; I provided an overview of how we structured the data within all customer and prospective account records to include:

Account Detail – Account owner, company name, phone, fax and website.

Additional Information – Industry, detailed industry, employees, revenue, duns and four detailed fields on specific customer information that relates to the business generated by my customer.

Description – Account overview info taken from the customer’s web site and a list of associations that the customer is a member.

Custom Links – Mash-ups with websites that provide a wealth of details on the customer.

Customer Contact Records – Contact names, email, phone and cell.

When I presented the build to the president he was very happy because we did a good job and he was comparing the sales1.0 empty binder to the sales2.0 CRMfull of data; we achieved something he was not able to achieve while working at Hilti.

“Sales2.0 is working with company’s people, processes and technology allowing them to focus on the correct customers and contacts while tailoring their value proposition to align with the customer’s requirements resulting in an effective and efficient sales organization.”

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