Sales2.0 Definition Expands

September 15th, 2010 by

By Pat Hinds,

I have made reference to the definition of sales2.0 by Stu Schmidt from Cisco as “processes, people and technology” and I like his definition, but as my knowledge improves I have added content to the definition of sales2.0.

I have a friend in sales and she has a sales manager who is an advocate for high sales activity wanting to see the sales reps in front of customers as much as possible. Some of the tactics used by the sales people to achieve the high activity level leads to the discussion as to whether the activity is effective and efficient?

Effectiveness — focus the sales organization on the right opportunities with the right sales process

Efficiency — executing against the sales process as quickly as possible, using minimal resources

If you compare Stu’s definition of sale2.0 we see 3 key words “process, people and technology”, reviewing the definition of “Effectiveness and Efficiency” we can also see a reference to process and assume that you need people to execute and technology to drive the productivity. The one reference not in Stu’s definition is the concept of the “right opportunities” and my question to my fellow sales person who has been asked to elevate their sales activity is, “how do you know you are focused on the right opportunities?”

When I work with customers to install, build a customer database on the POIM market model or implement POIM’s Results Based Telesales I focus on helping my customers with 3 key areas:

1/ Understand their customer’s business ensuring focus on the right opportunities;
2/ Ensuring they identify the right people within the target companies;
3/ Tailor the message based on the customer requirements.

If I want to expand the definition of sales2.0 I combine Stu’s definition with my key customer objectives.

“Sales2.0 is working with company’s people, processes and technology allowing them to focus on the correct customers and contacts while tailoring their value proposition to align with the customer’s requirements resulting in an effective and efficient sales organization.”

My new definition is not perfect, but it is evolving similar to sales2.0.

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