Sales2.0 is like Counting Cards

October 15th, 2010 by

By Pat Hinds,

Prior to starting POIMConsulting Group in Calgary, I worked with a young sales rep that had spent a couple years travelling with his uncle to all the major gambling hot spots counting cards in blackjack games. One year we went to Las Vegas as an exhibitor in a trade show and in the evening we went into the casino to play some blackjack; that was my first and only experience in counting cards.

The object of counting cards is to swing the percentages in favor of the player vs. the house and the concept of counting cards is straight-forward. The basic principle behind card counting is that high cards, particularly aces and tens, are better for the player whilst low cards, particularly 4s, 5s and 6s are better for the dealer. Sales2.0 is similar in the concept to card counting; you use a system to try and increase your sales productivity by a few percentage points.

The POIM definition of sales2.0 is “working with a company’s people, processes and technology allowing them to focus on the correct customers and contacts while tailoring their value proposition to align with the customer’s requirements resulting in an effective and efficient sales organization.” Listed below are a few ideas of how to swing the percentages in the favor of the sales2.0 organization.

– Leveraging information to ensure that the sales reps are focused on the accounts that will return the highest probability to close with the highest transaction value.
– Measuring the activity of the sales people to ensure they are aligned with the objective of the company.
– Providing the sales rep with customer information to ensure that they are solution focused on solution selling.

– Targeting the market in segments and verticals and measuring the result ensuring that the sales organization is focused on high value accounts.
– Measuring activity against objectives ensuring you are achieving a return on investment.

– Implementing a software technology that will allow for the collection and interruption of sales date.
– Implementing a software technology that will allow sales reps to improve productivity.

If you are a sales organization in this competitive market you need to implement a process, technology and work with your people in a manner that will allow you to put more aces and face cards in your hand versus your competitor’s hand.

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