Customer Stories



Samson Controls

SAMSON’S high-quality control valves and accessories, combined with a low total cost of ownership, provide the solution to ensure cost effective production. At SAMSON, they are constantly developing new technologies and products for the market. Western Canadian operations support customers with inside sales, outside sales and services.


One of Samson’s major issues was the absence of documentation of their sales, marketing and support processes. Since they don’ not have an agile framework to measure the effectiveness of sales, marketing and support processes, they have trouble providing accurate sales forecasts, customer support documentation and marketing effectiveness reports. The current SAP system is not agile making it difficult to provide the sales and service reports need to optimize customer relationships. Additionally, current process and systems makes it difficult for Samson to communicate and collaborate within sales, across internal business units and with the customer.


By implementing EnerStart services, POIM was able to build a master database of customers, prospects and partners that can be used within the CRM system to implement a framework for managing the sales, marketing and support processes. A business process review was conducted to capture the existing processes and transform the company’s processes. POIM also provided all the necessary training and support so Samson can run their CRM efficiently.

SalesCloud & CustomCloud

POIM used EnerStart and the SalesCloud to provide Samson with detailed and organized Contacts, Accounts, Oppourtunities and Leads from their existing data. This information was also integrated with SalesForce Mobile to provide Samson with an effective and consistent tool to manage their marketing and sales activities.


POIM was able to define the existing sales, marketing and support processes by implementing EnerStart and mapping those processes to a CRM. This allows Samson to manage their sales, customer and support processes and transforms the way they manage their sales and marketing. As well, POIM was able to improve customer satisfaction, sales and service productivity through automation and better communications by implementing EnerStart Services and the sales cloud.