Simple Sales2.0 Project at Work

October 19th, 2010 by

By Pat Hinds,

The following is an example of a Sales2.0 process used in a current POIM project. The goal of this blog is to show how simple sales2.0 process uses people and technology to focus on high value customers and contacts allowing us to position our value proposition that is aligned with the customer’s requirements resulting in an effective and efficient sales organization.

Project Overview

Execute a 6 week telesales program capturing significant CRMmarket share within high value accounts in the New Home Building and Renovation business segment by positioning the value of and POIMQuickStart, CRM Data Model and Results Based Sales2.0 consulting services.

High Value Account Focus

The challenge of the project is POIM has limited experience in the home and renovation market; as a result we need to leverage sales2.0 techniques to close the experience gap.

Step 1 – Leverage data sources like Hoovers, SalesView and local association websites to build a list of companies that fall within the target market.
Step 2 – List the accounts with Websites, if they do not have a site we lose a key advantage of sales2.0.
Step 3 –The ideal CRMcustomer in the small to medium business market has 1M+ in sales and outbound sales people. We build an account scorecard based on key indicators that are aligned with our account requirements and we send the internet research team to collect score card data.
Step 4 – After the data is collected we use it to score that accounts as A, B or C and that prioritizes our call order.
Step 5 – Execute telesales program.

This is a simple sales process that allows POIMto target high value accounts and if we do a good job on internet data collection and scoring we should be aligned with the companies that need our services.

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