Customer Stories



Solaris Canada

For the last 19 years Solaris been providing high quality, stylish home cooling and insect control solutions to eco-conscious homeowners by supplying the following products; Phantom Screens, awnings, umbrellas, solar shades, executive screens and window films. Solaris market focus market is Retail, Residential Home Builders and Commercial Builders and uses direct sales, internet, print and tradeshows as the primary source for lead generation.


Solaris has recently targeted Residential Home Builders and Commercial Builders and, as result, they have limited market share and experience selling to this market segment. This makes Solaris more susceptible to the impact of weather on the retail market. As well, follow-up on retail leads is inconsistent and time consuming which means Solaris is not maximizing the cost of sales and is having a negative impact on profitability. The management team has limited sales training and sales process experience which makes it hard to identify report and address sales issues.


By implementing EnerStart we will be able to transform Solaris into a results based sales oriented organization that has profitable revenue streams from Retail, Residential Home Builders and Commercial Builders. A business process review will help Solaris become consistent and aligned, making Solaris the leader in sales within Alberta over the remainder of 2010 and into 2011. EnerStart services will help Solaris manage their sales process, gain new leads and nurture their existing accounts.

SalesCloud & CustomCloud

POIM used EnerStart and the SalesCloud to provide Solaris with detailed and organized Contacts, Accounts, Oppourtunities and Leads from their existing data. This information was also integrated with SalesForce Mobile to provide Solaris with an effective and consistent tool to manage their marketing and sales activities.


By aligning Solaris with the Sales2.0 process we were able to help them target the Residential Home Builders and Commercial Builders high value accounts in the 780 area code and position the value of Solaris and their product line. As well, by implementing EnerStart we were able to build a sales process that ensures a high close rate of retail prospects maximizing the investment made in marketing activities. Solaris now has a cost-effective CRM that allows them to remain at a good position in the market and gives them room to grow.