Speed Dating 2.0

May 27th, 2010 by

By Pat Hinds

I have been reading a book called, “Smart Selling on the Phone and Online” by Josiane Chriqui Feigon and in the book she refers to the six minute sales call. The book takes the position that buyers are very busy and as a result, a sales person needs to be able to pack as much into a six minute phone conversation as we did in a 1 hour sales call years ago. I totally agree with the concept, but every time I read a reference to a six minute sales call I think of speed dating.

– Speed dating is a formalized matchmaking process or dating system whose purpose is to encourage people to meet a large number of new people.

– Its origins are credited to Rabbi Yaacov Deyo of Aish HaTorah, originally as a way to help Jewish singles meet and marry.- The first speed-dating event took place at Pete’s Café in Beverly Hills in late 1998.

– Men and women are rotated to meet each other over a series of short “dates”, usually lasting from 3 to 8 minutes depending on the organization running the event.

– At the end of each interval, the organizer rings a bell or clinks a glass to signal the participants to move on to the next date.

I have not been on any speed dates, but I have done extensive telesales and the description of speed dating listed above sounds a lot like telesales less the romantic objective. As a telesales person you create a list of companies and contacts, you dial their phone number and ask for 5 minutes of their time. During the five minutes you attempt to get the prospect to state their position on a desired topic and you state your position. At the end of the call you either agree that there is no match or a match; if you are fortunate enough to have a match you agree to arrange a second meeting.

Now imagine you are are going on a speed date and before you meet each person you know their favorite color, what religion they practice, where they work….. That is how sales 2.0 is changing the sales game, sales reps have the opportunity to prepare for a six minute call and get a good understanding of the customers business prior to the call. It is not good enough to just know the information about the customer, but you have to use the information to your advantage during the sales call improving your chances of the perfect match.

Next time you are going to pick-up the phone remember Rabbi Yaacov Deyo of Aish HaTorah, the inventor of speed dating.

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